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Social Security Advocacy Services

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Benefits for disabled persons and those unable to work.

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What are the benefits?

SSI and SSDI are disability benefit programs run by Social Security Administration (SSA). Both programs pay monthly cash benefits both to people with disabilities and to those who cannot maintain substantial and gainful employment and benefits will last twelve (12) months. To get SSI and SSDI benefits, you must be disabled under SSA rules.

Do I need an Attorney?

Research shows that a large majority of SSI/SSDI cases are denied upon application and will require additional appeals and/or a hearing. Although the informality of the hearings makes it possible for some claimants to represent themselves, statistics have shown that people represented by attorneys have been successful more often than people without attorney representation. Whether you hire an attorney is entirely up to you, however, you are significantly increasing your odds of being approved for benefits if you hire the right attorney to assist you.

What can I do to help?

It is important for you to develop your case as accurately and as completely as possible.
These are some of the areas that SSA will take into account as you are reviewed for disability benefits. Consequently, being as thorough as possible on the areas below is critical for strengthening your case:

  • Medical Condition(s)
  • Medical History
  • Medical Records
  • Physical Abilities
  • Education and Training
  • Past Relevant Work Experience