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(person using crutches)
(person using crutches)

Founded in 1990, Health Advocates has assisted hundreds of thousands of uninsured mentally and / or physically disabled persons win their Medi-Cal and SSI / SSDI claims. As one of the nation’s largest and most successful disability companies, we employ hundreds of highly-trained bilingual advocates, including multiple specialized disability lawyers to assist you in winning your case. We have multiple offices and we are driven to provide you with quality service that is unmatched by any other attorney disability office locally or nationally. By selecting us as your representative, you are dramatically increasing your chances for success, for receiving monthly payment(s) from Social Security, and for obtaining your Medi-Cal and / or Medicare benefits.

We provide you with a no – cost, no – obligation disability screening by one of our highly trained bilingual disability advocates who will speak confidentially to you or your loved ones to determine your eligibility. Once we get started, most of our services are provided over the telephone, electronically and / or through the mail.

We will help complete and submit all of the SSA required forms, as well as gather relevant medical records and other documentation required to build a winning case. Your SSI / SSDI Advocate will monitor and keep you informed  of your case progress. Furthermore, we get paid only if you get paid!  There are no up – front costs and we only charge a one – time fee, if your claim is approved.


Location / Address:
711 Jefferson Street, Suite 201
Fairfield, CA 94533

Phone:  707-439-3346
Fax:  707-759-2387
Email:  DisabilityInfo@HealthAdvocates.com